We automate the work of sales agents, warehouses, logistics and more

Sales Doctor is your assistant in distribution control. Sales cycle monitoring, elimination of vulnerable points and full transparency in the work of all offices.

Our capabilities

Sales department under control

Monitor sales, stock balance and order processing in real time.

Work where it's convenient

Manage your business from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or tablet.

Latest reports online

Forget about Exсel. Get detailed reports in two clicks.

GPS monitoring

Monitor the movement of sales representatives with GPS navigation.

Paperless distribution

We remove paperwork and increase the efficiency of the sales team.

Telegram bot

Get your reports frequently as scheduled or at any time of the day using Telegram.

Manager capabilities

  • GPS navigation

    You will be aware of all the movements of the sales team. You can also keep track of which points have or have not been visited.

  • Sales planning and KPI

    The system recommends a sales plan and gives a forecast for each day so that you can meet your plans. You will also be able to set up your KPIs and calculate sales reps earnings.

  • All branches in one window

    You can create an unlimited number of branches and manage them from one place. Get consolidated reports for all branches in one window.

  • Warehouse management

    View recommended stock based on sales history. You can also find out stock balances as of a certain date and get an inventory report.

Screenshot salesdoctor
Shipment person

Sales representative capabilities

  • Debts

    Sales representatives are able to see debts of each customer or general list of debitors.

  • Reports and KPI

    View daily and monthly reports, KPI advance, as well as the earnings.

  • Customer history

    The app creates individual profiles for each of your customers and provides you access to information about what products your customer purchased, when and what is the size of your customer’s debts.

  • Warehouse

    The app allows you to view online if the goods are available in stock.

What about forwarder?

  • GPS route

    The app allows you to create a route at the beginning of the day, view the entire list of outlets scheduled for the day.

  • Payment receipt

    After receiving the payment, the employee enters the data into the app, and at the end of the business day, the program provides a report on the money received.

  • Order status

    Forwarder has the opportunity to change the order directly if the customer decides to buy a particular product or for some reason the product arrived incomplete.

  • List of debtors

    Forwarder can view the debt of each customer or a complete list of debtors, as well as upload a reconciliation report.

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Mobile applications

Sales representatives app
Audit app
Delivery app


I would like to express my gratitude to the Sales Doctor team for preparing and completing the program for our company.

I would especially like to notice the distinctive features: a custom-tailored approach when solving any issues that arise in the process of cooperation, rapid decision-making, guaranteed fulfillment of obligations undertaken and expertise of employees. I also would like to focus on an affordable pricing policy and high quality products, which is very pleasing!

Ulugbek Ismailov
Trade Marketer - Nmedov Uzbekistan

LLC “Good Food Group” is the largest company for the production of fat-and-oil products in Uzbekistan under “Maselko” brand name.

Our company fully relies on LLC “Sales Doctor Solutions”, Sales Doctor developer, in all our electronic records management.

Thanks to this program, our employees can easily track, forecast and manage sales daily, thereby ensuring high sales growth.

Dzhakhongir Gafurov
Sales Director - Good Food Group LLC, Maselko
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